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🐔 Get ready for an explosion of flavour with our Poké Signature Teriyaki Chicken! 😋

👉 Choice of base, teriyaki roast chicken, fresh fruit, crunchy radishes, fresh cucumber, red cabbage, creamy avocado, edamame for a touch of protein + sesame seeds, it's waaaw 😍Like a rainbow of flavours in a bowl 🌈

Here are the steps you need to take to enjoy this taste experience 😏 :
1️⃣ Take your poké and admire the vibrant colours
2️⃣ Pour the sauce and mix all the ingredients for a symphony of flavours
3️⃣ Savour every mouthful and let it wash over you... 🫠

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl

174 1

🍂 Autumn is shaping up to be cool, but not as cool as our Homemade Iced Tea! 😎

One sip and it's as if summer is fully back ☀️

#pokawa #pokébowl #theglace

123 0

🎗️REMINDER : Check your boobs! 🍒

Breast cancer can affect anyone, at any age. The key 🔑 is early detection!

Whether you're in front of the telly 📺, in your bathroom 🛁 or enjoying a delicious poké (at home haha), take a moment to check your boobs 😉

Self-care is a simple gesture that can make a difference 💪 @rubanroseofficiel

#pokawa #healthyfood #cancerdusein #octobrerose

127 0

Have you tried our Original Sweet Bowl? 👀

💭 Imagine a sweet bowl where crunchy granola with chocolate chips mingles 🍫, pumpkin seeds add pep ✨, mango for a sweet edge, coconut adds an exotic touch 🥥, pomegranate for an explosion of flavours 💥 and a raspberry (because it's our favourite little touch 🥰).... All personalised with a base and additional fruit of your choice for a bespoke experience! 😍

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl #sweet

178 4

At Pokawa, our heart beats to the rhythm of pokés but also to the rhythm of our values 🥰 Contribute to research in the fight against #cancerdusein 🎗️ with us by tasting our two pink recipes 🌸

💕 Pink Poké is sure to make you go pink with an explosion of flavours that are both sweet and explosive!

💕 Pink Sweet Bowl for the sweet touch that will make you melt with pleasure!

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl

138 1

Grab your Spicy Chirashi 🌶️ and blush with pleasure with every bite 🥰

🔥 We've got 5 recipes to spice up your life: chicken, veggie chick'en, tuna, salmon, prawns... how can you not find something you like?! 🫠

And don't worry... it's a moderate spicy, you're good to go! 🙃

So which one do you choose? 👀

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl #foodporn

191 0

One Pink Poké equals one good deed 🎀🩷

Support the @rubanroseofficiel association 🎗️ with us by tasting this pink wonder full of good things 🥰

Prepared with love, it's just waiting for you! 🫵

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokebowl #octobrerose

206 0

Hawaiian chirashi isn't just a chirashi... 🧐 it's a culinary paradise that represents a gourmet getaway 🌴🌈

One of our bestsellers 👉 Salmon lovingly marinated in our Barakawas, freshly sliced avocado and juicy mango make the perfect combination for your taste buds 🥰

Little tip: topped with our intense mango sauce, it's just INCREDIBLE. 😍

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl

512 7

When he holds me in his arms... talks to me softly... I see life in roooseeeee 💗

🤭 Have you tried the Pink Sweet Bowl? It's THE dessert of the moment, the right arm of our beloved Pink Poké 🎀

For raspberry lovers, it's the perfect sweet touch after a good poké 😋 Let yourself be seduced and I promise, there will be no regrets! 😌

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl #sweet

186 0

If you love raspberries, this very raspberry pudding is for you 🫵😌

We've revisited our coconut milk chia pudding 🥥 by adding an intense "berry" touch of raspberry coulis 😝

And because there's never enough, you're also invited to pour the coulis over it for a 100% "hmmm..." moment. 😏🩷

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl

239 12

Raspberry on TOP! 😍

It's time to talk about this little tart nugget that puts the magic in your poké (no kidding, some people would kill us if we forgot the raspberry on their poké 🫣).

🌈 This little marvel adds a nice touch of flavour to your poké and even your dessert!

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl #fruit

260 1

Dive into a tasty pink adventure with our Pink Poké 🎀!

Each Pink Poké is a declaration of love 💗 to the cause and a celebration of indulgence 😋

🌸 Marinated salmon, vinegared rice, pink mix, pickled onions, radishes, pomegranate, raspberry... 🫠 all accompanied by the chef's raspberry sauce for a maaax of pleasure!

#pokawa #healthyfood #pokébowl #octobrerose

166 1

Pink October is here! 🎀💗
At Pokawa, support, solidarity and good food are always on the menu 🥰

If you haven't tried our solidarity bowl yet, now's the time 👉 1 Pink Poké = €1 donated to the @rubanroseofficiel charity! 🎗️

Support by pleasing your taste buds and comment a 🎀 if you enjoyed the Pink Poké 😍

#pokawa #pinkoctober #cancerdusein #octobrerose

301 0
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Restaurant specialising in the production and marketing of poké bowls

POKAWA Nantes Rezé Océane offers this typical Hawaiian dish in a carefully designed setting so you can eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Delivery is also possible for those who can't get there, just as people can take their orders away. This Poké bar serves health conscious meals with a variety of flavours for all diets, including vegetarians and vegans. All of our raw fish recipes are made with quality ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, fresh marinated salmon, quinoa, white and black rice.

What are the advantages of trying poké Nantes Rezé Océane?

The best place to enjoy good poké Nantes Rezé Océane is our Hawaiian restaurant, specialist of this dish. The taste of each menu offered is simply exquisite for the great pleasure of the taste buds. This succulence is ensured by the technique used, respecting the different stages of preparation and cooking.

The other great asset of our restaurant is the healthy bowls, which are carefully prepared with quality ingredients. The vegetables and fruits used, including citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and mangoes, are full of freshness and vitamins. The same goes for the condiments used for seasoning, such as chives, garlic, onions and ginger. Fish and seafood for marinating, such as shrimp, tuna and salmon, are always fresh. The value of our products allows us to cook dishes that meet the exact needs of consumers who can find their happiness in terms of poké Nantes Rezé Océane. Acai bowl, poké tuna, poké shrimp, Hawaiian poké Chirashi and poké salmon are on the menu, and many others, with various side dishes and desserts, such as cheesecake.

Pokawa, the reference address for vegetarian restaurants in Nantes Rezé Océane

Our vegetarian restaurant Nantes Rezé Océane is committed to providing quality service and food to all consumers. To this end, we work with qualified professionals who strive to create a rich menu and outstanding dishes. Although our speciality is poke and acai bowl, it is possible to find various dishes, such as Japanese cuisine, in our restaurant. Everyone, regardless of their culinary preferences and diet, has the chance to enjoy our veggie, stir-fry, sweet and raw preparations. In addition to being a quality and fast food restaurant, our vegetarian restaurant Nantes Rezé Océane also offers a catering service for events, company meals and others.

How to benefit from a Poké bowl delivery in Nantes Rezé Océane?

Whether it's for the day's meal or just for cravings, don't hesitate to ask for our Poké bowl delivery service in Nantes Rezé Océane. You can enjoy our specialities and anything else you fancy. We suggest you see our dishes and taste them to make your taste buds travel to other worlds. You don't have to sit down and reserve a table in our restaurant to enjoy yourself. Simply order and take your food away once it's prepared, or why not wait right where you are, as our Poké bowl Nantes Rezé Océane delivery service will bring it to you. Feel free to ask for more information if you need it and choose your culinary preferences to be served.


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