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"Living on love and soup" the perfect combo to resist the cold! 🥰❄️

#pokawa #soupe #hotline #soupawa

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For Christmas, Pokawa is making a big splash!

The Christmas competition starts today, so try to win a unique car. 🚘✨

Link in bio to participate, good luck to all🤞🏽

#pokawa #jeucompetition #voiture#pokebowl

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Hot on the heels ♨️, Pokawa comes up with its veggie hot bowl, the Chick'en Vegetable Hot Bowl.

Are you interested? 😊

#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #bowlplant

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If you're just after a party or just want to have a little fun, place your order on the app or pokawa.com!

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A colourful breast poké at a very appetizing price. 😃🌈

From €6.90 on the app and pokawa.com

#pokawa #gyozas #poké #pokébowl

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The carrots are cooked! 🥕

A real antioxidant, cooked or raw, carrots are an ingredient found in many of our pokies. 😉🌈

#pokawa #pokebowl #carrot #egume #healthy

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💡A more than smart range with 4 new recipes on the menu:
A chicken bowl, a falalel bowl, a chicken gyozas bowl or a vegetable gyozas bowl.

From €6.90 on the app and Pokawa.com

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Today we're unveiling our Smart Bowls, an ultra smart range! 😉🌈

If you're on a budget and want to treat yourself, discover 4 new healthy and gourmet recipes. 🍴

From €6.90 on the app or Pokawa.com

#pokawa #poke #pokebowl #smartbowl #reveal

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You still don't know the composition of our Vegetable Gyozas, don't worry, we'll tell you right away: Peas, cabbage, soya, carrot and white radish.

A healthy and quali compo! 🥕 🥬

#pokawa #gyoza #legume

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How hungry are you?

Lil, Medium, Big: choose your poké size and enjoy. 😊🌈

#pokawa #poké #bowl #surmesure

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A delicious and fragrant dish?

We're thinking hot bowl chicken satay, diiiiiirect! 🍗

#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #bonap

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A little focus on salmon and creamy sauce just for your eyes 💛

#pokawa #pokawafrance #poke #poisson #pokebowls #bowl #pokebowl

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You already know the address to come and have a quality time with your typical team 👀

#pokawa #pokawafrance #poke #poisson #pokebowls #bowl #pokebowl

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It says kwa on pokawa?

The best Poké in St Paul La Réunion is at Pokawa

Through a choice of quality ingredients, Pokawa invites you to discover the flavours of Hawaiian gastronomy. Let yourself be tempted by the best Poké in St Paul La Réunion. A healthy meal par excellence, the Poké bowl is a typical Hawaiian dish. Cooked with fresh and healthy products, it makes it an ally for your well-being, but without sacrificing taste. To ensure the best taste experience, we prepare your order at the minute. Founded in 2017, our Hawaiian restaurant is based on eco-responsible values around healthy and tasty food. Our Pokés in St Paul La Réunion are part of the trend of going back to nature and eating better.

Pokawa, the unmissable vegetarian restaurant in St Paul La Réunion

If you like tasty vegetables, fresh fruit or cereals, Pokawa is for you. Our vegetarian restaurant in St Paul La Réunion is also for vegans. Discover our hot range with our Hawaiian ramen or our 100 % vegetable rice bowls. You will also appreciate our signature pokés with a variety of vegetarian condiments. If you just want to fill up on energy, opt for an Acai bowl. With its organic Amazonian acai pulp, our Acai bowl will give you a boost for the whole day. Finally, to finish on a sweet note, our vegetarian restaurant in St Paul La Réunion offers you its selection of desserts, including its cheesecake with a raspberry coulis.

Where to order your Poké bowl delivery in St Paul La Réunion ?

To place your order, visit our website or download our Pokaw'App. In just a few clicks, Pokés bowls are delivered to the address indicated, with a guarantee of freshness. You can also order to go, your dishes will be ready when you arrive. If you want to eat on the spot, we welcome you with a smile, in a setting that invites you to relax. You can easily find your nearest Pokawa on our website. Pokés bowls are delivered to St Paul La Réunion during the opening hours of your restaurant. For you, we have at heart to sublimate the tastes and benefits of Hawaiian cuisine, so do not hesitate to treat yourself.


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