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From today until 21 February, discover our exclusive praline cookies with almond slivers from @lafabriquecookies! 🍪

ps: For Valentine's Day, the whole Poka Team sends you love. 🫶🏻

#pokawa #cookie 1TP5Limited Edition #praline #amande

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Because it's always better to eat together, tag your partners in crime in the comments to devour our bowls. 😁🌈

#pokawa #pokébowl #friends #happymoments

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It's dripping with love... 😍

Spicy, smoky, with a hint of citrus or with Asian flavours, whether it's to accompany Gyozas or a poké, we have the sauce for you! ✌🏽

#pokawa #pokébowl #poké #sauce

925 11

Spotlight on our delicious homemade drinks. 🔦

On one side an iced tea with a light fruity scent and on the other a lemonade with lemon🍋, mint, and ginger zest.

Do you have a preference? 👀

#pokawa #pokébowl #citronnade #heglace

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🌱 Looking for a refreshing, fiber-rich side dish?

👉🏼 Go test the wakame seaweed salad!

#pokawa #pokébowl #side #algue #wakame

561 6

Are you a student or do you have a small budget?
We offer you the Gyozas Smart Bowl vegetables. 💚

A healthy, gourmet poké at a price everyone can afford. 🤩

#pokawa #pokébowl #smartbowl

187 2

Hot in front! 🍵

To face the cold ❄️ and to fill up with energy for this winter our Soupawa Broccoli & Kale is THE ideal recipe.

And it's a good thing we're offering* a soup for the purchase of a poké, on the spot, in Click&Collect and delivery.📱

*See the conditions of the offer on pokawa.com

#Pokawa #poké #soupe #gammechaude

146 1

3 ingredients and a dessert: the Vegan Pudding 😍

Chia seeds, coconut milk and a touch of agave syrup, ideal if you want a complementary source of protein at the end of your meal. 🍴

Don't forget the delicious fresh exotic fruit coulis, perfect for a touch of deliciousness 😉

#pokawa #dessert #pudding #vegan

233 1

🍜 Today, we're revealing the compo of Saimin, our Hawaiian ramen:

Vegetable broth, wheat noodle base, red meat radish, edamame, marinated mushroom strips, Thai spring onion, marinated carrots in teriyaki sauce, sesame green beans for crunch + the protein of your choice: shrimp, chicken in teriyaki sauce, chicken gyozas, vegetable gyozas and vegetable chick'en 🔥🍴

Summer and winter your taste buds travel and see the landscape. 😎

#pokawa #saimin #ramenhawain#hotline

337 5

Looking for a vegan and gluten-free Chirashi 100%?
We've got just what you need with our Chick'en Veggie Bowl! 🥑🌱

#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #vegan #hotline

272 0

Broccoli 🥦 is said to be effective against winter illnesses and colds.🤧

We've got just the thing for you: Broccoli & Kale Soupawa! 😉🥬

#pokawa #soupawa #soupe #hotline

228 0

🚨 Chauuud in front, it's the big come back of our Saimins. 🚨

5 warm 🔥 and deliciously comforting recipes, made up, of a soy sauce based vegetable broth served on a wheat noodle base. Rich in vegetables with carefully sourced ingredients.

(Re)Discover our Saimins, the Hawaiian ramen! 😁

#pokawa #saimins #hotline #gammechaude

376 3

Get into the spirit of #veganuary2023 and try our Vegan Chick'en Hot Bowl, a vegan hot bowl made with non-GMO soy-based @happyvore slices and rich in protein and fiber! 🌱🍴


#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #happyvore #vegan

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It says kwa on pokawa?

Feel like surfing on Hawaiian flavours? Try our Poké Pokawa in Pau Gambetta!

Whether it's for lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, we're all looking for healthy and tasty food. What if Poké bowls were the answer? Aloha! For fresh vegetables and vitamins, there's nothing better than a good Hawaiian restaurant. Well-known to vegans, Poké bowls from Hawaii combine flavour and freshness. But without spending hours on a plane, where can you taste a Poké in Pau Gambetta? At Pokawa!

Pokawa: THE vegetarian restaurant in Pau Gambetta.

What will you eat at Pokawa? Our menu invites you to travel thanks to our varied Poké bowls, gourmet avocado toasts and healthy bowls. Enjoy a stop in Brazil with our Acai bowl and in Hawaii with our Poké salmon. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, our Poké Chirashis and our chicken or vegetable gyozas will delight your taste buds. For dessert, try our delicious Cheesecake. But in fact, why choose our vegetarian restaurant located in Pau Gambetta? Because our Poké rests are made only with quality ingredients. After having carefully chosen our organic products, we do everything to ensure that there is no waste and to reduce our ecological footprint. So, are you ready to open the doors of Pokawa, THE vegetarian restaurant in Pau Gambetta?

Delivery, on the spot or to go: Poké bowls within your reach!

With Pokawa, find unique Poké on the spot, to take away or for delivery. In our Barakawa, discover a warm and exotic atmosphere. Would you rather enjoy your Acai bowl at the office or at home? It's all possible with our Poké bowl delivery service from Pau Gambetta. On your mobile or PC, order your assortment and confirm the delivery of your Poké bowl. To find THE Poké bowl that will thrill you, we invite you to visit us, to take away or to have it delivered. Come and enjoy our different recipes!


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