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"Living on love and soup" the perfect combo to resist the cold! 🥰❄️

#pokawa #soupe #hotline #soupawa

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For Christmas, Pokawa is making a big splash!

The Christmas competition starts today, so try to win a unique car. 🚘✨

Link in bio to participate, good luck to all🤞🏽

#pokawa #jeucompetition #voiture#pokebowl

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Hot on the heels ♨️, Pokawa comes up with its veggie hot bowl, the Chick'en Vegetable Hot Bowl.

Are you interested? 😊

#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #bowlplant

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If you're just after a party or just want to have a little fun, place your order on the app or pokawa.com!

#pokawa #pokebowl #poke #bowl #healthy

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A colourful breast poké at a very appetizing price. 😃🌈

From €6.90 on the app and pokawa.com

#pokawa #gyozas #poké #pokébowl

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The carrots are cooked! 🥕

A real antioxidant, cooked or raw, carrots are an ingredient found in many of our pokies. 😉🌈

#pokawa #pokebowl #carrot #egume #healthy

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💡A more than smart range with 4 new recipes on the menu:
A chicken bowl, a falalel bowl, a chicken gyozas bowl or a vegetable gyozas bowl.

From €6.90 on the app and Pokawa.com

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Today we're unveiling our Smart Bowls, an ultra smart range! 😉🌈

If you're on a budget and want to treat yourself, discover 4 new healthy and gourmet recipes. 🍴

From €6.90 on the app or Pokawa.com

#pokawa #poke #pokebowl #smartbowl #reveal

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You still don't know the composition of our Vegetable Gyozas, don't worry, we'll tell you right away: Peas, cabbage, soya, carrot and white radish.

A healthy and quali compo! 🥕 🥬

#pokawa #gyoza #legume

352 2

How hungry are you?

Lil, Medium, Big: choose your poké size and enjoy. 😊🌈

#pokawa #poké #bowl #surmesure

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A delicious and fragrant dish?

We're thinking hot bowl chicken satay, diiiiiirect! 🍗

#pokawa #pokébowl #hotbowl #bonap

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A little focus on salmon and creamy sauce just for your eyes 💛

#pokawa #pokawafrance #poke #poisson #pokebowls #bowl #pokebowl

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You already know the address to come and have a quality time with your typical team 👀

#pokawa #pokawafrance #poke #poisson #pokebowls #bowl #pokebowl

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It says kwa on pokawa?

Your Pokawa restaurant, your poké in Périgueux on the Place André Maurois

Pokawa is a fast-casual restaurant with quick, high-quality dishes. Its colourful cuisine takes you to Hawaii with typical specialities. Pokawa offers a wide range of poké to eat in, take away or have delivered to your home. Poké is a typical Hawaiian dish, usually cooked with raw fish on a rice base. This particularly healthy food will convince you to adopt the Hawaiian diet. You will find your poké specialist in Périgueux Place André Maurois.

What are you going to eat at Pokawa, a vegetarian restaurant in Périgueux on the Place André Maurois?

The Hawaiian restaurant offers a variety of poké bowls with salmon, tuna, shrimp and vegan specialties. We also offer a selection of desserts such as our succulent Cheesecake or our acai bowl. Our vegetarian restaurant in Périgueux Place André Maurois, offers many Hawaiian specialities to add a little bit of the sun and the Hawaiian beaches to your plate. The dishes concocted by Pokawa, whether they are poké bowls or acai bowls, can be eaten with chopsticks or with your traditional cutlery.

Where to find your Pokawa restaurant in Périgueux or book your poké bowls delivery in Périgueux Place André Maurois?

Your Hawaiian poké restaurant invites you to Périgueux (Dordogne) for a convivial moment with friends or family. All dishes are prepared on the spot with fresh vegetables and fruits. You will find in our menu recipes of poké bowls or you can, if you wish, conceive your own poké with seafood such as shrimps, salmon, tuna or beef or chicken.

With Pokawa, your poké bowls delivery in Périgueux Place André Maurois, directly to your home.


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