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The POKEDOG, for our canine friends will soon be on the menu. 🐶

We have created a poké specially designed to ensure a balanced diet for your most faithful companions; made from fresh, quality ingredients.

On the menu: brown rice, roast chicken, carrot 🥕, banana 🍌, pineapple 🍍, blueberries, peas, pumpkin seeds and fish oil, ingredients rich in protein and fatty acids l'ideal for your pooches health, joints and coat.

Digestion is guaranteed for all sharp truffles.👌🏼

#pokawa #pokébowl #pokedog

880 72

Do you have room for dessert?

We advise you to discover our new Vegan Pudding with Spirulina, a very tasty dessert!

Note that spirulina is rich in protein and a source of fibre. 😌

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthy

255 7


To help you recover from the time change, we're giving you a spicy Monday...Start your week off right and try to win some spicy recipes.🔥

On the menu: 10 Spicy Chirashis with drink and dessert to be won! 😃
The opportunity for our 5 winners and their + 1 to taste our new range of Chirashis.✌🏽

To participate:
- Subscribe to @pokawaworld
- Like and tell us in comments who you would like to taste our Chirashis with 🥰
- Bonus if you repost in story 😏

Drawing on 30/03 - winners will be contacted on mp.🤞🏼

#pokawa #contest #spicychirashi

1181 857

⏰ Tick tock, we're changing time, but don't panic, a bowl and we're off again.💪🏽

Ps: Have a blast and create your own #poké creation .😊 ✌🏽

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthy

285 1

The Spiiiiiiicy team is here! 🙌🏽🌶️

Are you a real hothead or just like to eat spicy food? Our new range of Spicy Chirashis is for you... 🌶️🤩

Take advantage of -2 euros until 16.04 exclusively on the app and www.pokawa.com

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthy

188 3


Spice up your life with 5 new Spicy Chirashi recipes, fresh, colourful and caliente bowls.
There is something for everyone: chicken, vegetable chick'en, tuna, salmon and shrimp! ❤️

And spice up 🌶️ on the poké, we offer you -2€ exclusively on the app 📱 and www.pokawa.com from 21.03 to 16.04.

We can't wait to get your feedback on this brand new recipe. 🤩

#pokawa #pokébowl #spicy #healthy

286 3

Today is spring, isn't it time for a big bowl of sunshine? ☀️

Place your order on the App, Pokawa.com or on a kiosk in a restaurant to beam all day! 😎

🎨 @leonarose

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthy

306 2

A rebu to start the day! 😊

In a few days, we will unveil a new range of Chirashi, they will have a particularity... so any idea?

ps: c'is in english for the first word ✌🏽

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthy

227 8

A little, a lot, a lot of fish... 🐟

Fish is an excellent source of protein, it is even recommended to eat it twice a week 🙂✌🏽

Salmon poké, high protein poké, tuna poké... At Pokawa, we have the fish you need 😉

#pokawa #pokébowl #freshfood #healthyfood

619 1

🍍 Hip Hip Hooray for the Pineapple 🍍

This fruit is rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that helps reduce fatigue, and you can find it in many of our pokés. ✌🏽

Did you know that at Pokawa, the pineapple is our totem fruit?

#pokawa #pokébowl #fruit #ananas

236 1

Saturday Veggiiiiiiie! 💚

Do you know our Poké Chick'en vegetable?

A vegan poké made with a Base of your choice, @Happyvore veggie aiguillettes, radish, cucumber,carrots🥕, avocado🥑, edamame, red cabbage, sesame seeds and raspberry.

Fresh and tasty, it's a real explosion of flavour in the mouth!🤤

#pokawa #pokébowl #pokésaumon #healthy

292 3

Often imitated, never equalled 😏

This poké has not said its last word!

#pokawa #pokébowl #pokésaumon #healthy

508 4

It says kwa on pokawa?

Where to find the best pokés in Saint-Germain-En-Laye?

Would you like to eat a poké in Saint-Germain-En-Laye? Come and discover the healthy dishes and different formulas offered by Pokawa! If you have never tasted poké, we will be happy to introduce you to our typical Hawaiian recipes. These are simple dishes, cooked with fresh products, and above all, they are good for your health! The combination of marinated raw fish and fresh fruit and vegetables makes for colourful and nutritious dishes! Come and visit us, to enjoy a poké in Saint-Germain-En-Laye, while feeling like you are travelling under the Hawaiian sun!

Come and discover our vegetarian restaurant in Saint-Germain-En-Laye!

You don't eat fish? Our vegetarian restaurant in Saint-Germain-En-Laye offers pokés adapted to your diet! You can enjoy delicious poké made with falafels and tasty vegetables. As with our salmon or tuna pokés, you can choose your base (vinegar rice, black rice, quinoa, etc.). You can choose between our different vegetarian and vegan Pokés Signatures, or you can make up your own dish from the large ingredient bar in our vegetarian restaurant in Saint-Germain-En-Laye. To finish your meal on a sweet note, we also offer tasty desserts such as acai bowls and cheesecakes.

Delivery of poké bowls in Saint-Germain-En-Laye

You can enjoy your poké shrimp, poké salmon or acai bowl on the spot or to go. Would you like to receive your healthy food directly at home? Our Hawaiian restaurant also delivers poké bowls in Saint-Germain-En-Laye! Come and discover our wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables that will enhance your bowl: avocado, mango, edamame, etc. We also offer various seasonings, more or less spicy, which will seduce your taste buds. You can order directly on our mobile application, for a poké bowl delivery in Saint-Germain-En-Laye.


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